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blazingfibre.net is a London-based IT consultancy, with a distinguished history of service provision for systems as diverse as Novell and unix, as well as Microsoft. We're able to support legacy technologies, whilst integrating the best of today.

Our mission is to improve our customers' productivity, by offering a full and realistic assessment of their requirements, and providing cost-effective, well-planned services to match. Our job is to run your systems smoothly, so you can get on with business.

Core to our philosophy are our customers. The service we provide is tailored to each of them individually, to suit their size, systems, and budget. We know each customer is different, and we've built our business to suit. We have developed a range of products and services which we can supply as components, or as part of a package. Each component represents an essential and discrete element of your IT infrastructure. So you can outsource some, or all of your IT to us, as you choose.

With over 15 years of IT experience, our resident wizard, Stuart Udall - who has provided first, second and third-line IT support for the likes of Ernst & Young, Compaq, Xerox and the BBC, and supported hundreds of SOHOs and SMEs both directly, and whilst employed at other providers - can support pretty well any DOS or Windows-based software, and pretty well any Intel-based hardware. Stuart also has a Bachelors' degree in Commerce, majoring in both management and marketing. In fact, blazingfibre.net is but the latest in a string of mostly IT-related businesses that Stuart has started, stretching back to the 1980s (when he was still a teenager). Following the dotcom crash of 2000, Stuart realised he knew enough people to sustain a small business - so he stopped looking for a job, and started a business instead. After several years operating as a sole trader, he incorporated Blazingfibre Limited in 2004. Stuart seems to have discovered that as well as being a computer buff, he's also a keen entrepreneur.

Stuart holds an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, and is busy bringing the many benefits of the Amazon cloud to Blazingfibre.

One thing that some customers initially find disconcerting is the fact that we are honest - we'll own up to a mistake (even before we've had a chance to fix it) and we'll admit it when we don't know something. Many sales-driven companies will lie, cheat and effectively steal from you, in an effort to save face, keep up appearances, maintain a facade of invincibility, etc. We detest and abhor this behaviour, and that is why we get so much repeat business from our customers. We know that the only way to build a sustainable relationship is with mutual trust and respect, and that those in turn are built on honesty and openness. Customers who are used to the glossy BS from permanently optimistic salespeople are sometimes surprised when they are trusted with the truth.

Our pledges to the environment: Our commitment to the environment is deep and long. Our founder believes technology can be used to build a cleaner, more efficient world. He's believed that for more than 30 years, and it's one of the reasons he runs an IT business, rather than any other kind. We have been making our customers cleaner and more efficient all that time, and that effort continues. We ensure to deploy low-energy, low-maintenance, industry-standard solutions wherever possible. Plenty of large IT companies do the opposite, puffing up their balance sheets at the expense of our shared future. We think they are irresponsible and immoral, and long for the day when they see the error of their ways. We pledge to minimise our own environmental impact as much as possible. We pledge to deploy and maintain services with as minimal environmental impact as possible. We pledge to encourage and assist our customers to minimise their own environmental impact, wherever and whenever possible.

blazingfibre.net operates an ISP-grade server in London's Docklands, which allows us to provide a variety of industry-standard, inexpensive, and easy-to-use services, including website and email hosting, with exceptional performance and reliability.

We also operate Early Bird and epayment reward schemes, two reseller programs, and two community service initiatives.

We even offer gift certificates!

Please, read what our customers have said about us on our testimonials page. We've identified 5 good reasons to be Blazingfibre customer, which may also be of interest to you.

For the future, we intend to continue to develop our inhouse technologies, to provide a continuous supply of new and improved services to our customers.

Our quality of service sets us ahead. Our custom tools let us build on that lead.

If you'd like to know more, give us a call.

Blazingfibre is a trading style of Stuart Udall