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Website maintenance contracts

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Get the most from your website - and keep your costs regular and predictable - with a website maintenance contract. For a fixed price, we can update, optimise, promote and upgrade your site as needed. This service is fully tailored to your requirements - the fee buys our time, during that time, we'll do whatever work you'd like done. The service covers all types of work, including:

  • New pages; changes to existing pages
  • Website optimisation. Our analysis uses more than 60 criteria to identify sub-optimal design elements, covering the following areas:

    • ease-of-use - does your site make it quick and easy for visitors to find what they need?
    • search engine optimisation - see our search engine optimisation whitepaper
    • accessibility guidelines - see Wikipedia's article on web accessibility
    • technology tweaks - are technical glitches causing your site to turn away traffic?
    • cross-browser compatibility - does your site marginalise certain users, based on their technology choices?

  • Website promotion, including:

    • marketing strategy design
    • pay-per-click advertising - Google Adwords campaigns
    • performance measurement - Google Analytics, logfile analysis, custom instrumentation and more
    • general marketing advice - our qualified consultant can assist with target markets, segmentation, competitive analysis etc
    • technical advice - to assist the integration of your website with various marketing tools

  • Custom coding - addition of new scripts or databases; modifications to existing scripts or databases
  • Structural alterations - page/folder rename, delete, redirect
  • Module patches, upgrades and repairs

Features and Benefits

  • 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contracts: select the length that suits you best.
  • Unused hours roll over: If you end up with unused hours in a given month, these will be added to your hours included in the next month. This gives you the option to "save up" your hours and then, for example, spend them on a single big job. So, for example, if you only needed 5 hours work in a given month, and you had purchased the 10 hours/month plan, the next month, you'd have 15 hours available to you. If you again only used 5 hours, this time 10 hours would roll over, giving you a total of 20 hours available the month after.
  • Extra time is priced at the contract rate: If extra time is needed to complete a job, this is billed at the same hourly rate set by your contract. For example, if you purchase the 10 hours/month plan, this is an hourly rate of £45/hr - so this would be rate you'd be charged, if extra hours were needed.
  • Itemised reporting: Each month, you'll receive an itemised breakdown of the work provided, and how much time was spent on each job. Your total used/unused hours will also be shown.
  • Free monthly meetings: To keep things on track, monthly meetings (via either telephone or Skype) are included with the service at no extra cost.
  • Free phone/email support: You'll be able to call or email us for support, if you have any problems or queries about your website.

hours included3-monthly fee6-monthly fee12-monthly fee
5 hours/month (£50/hr)£750£1500£3000 special offer, 25% off: £2250
10 hours/month (£45/hr)£1350£2700£5400 special offer, 25% off: £4050
20 hours/month (£40/hr)£2400£4800£9600 special offer, 25% off: £7200
20+ hours/month (£call)callcallplease enquire for a quote

All contracts are billed in advance. There are no sign-up, cancellation or break fees.

...or just Pay-As-You-Go

Don't want a contract? That's fine, you can just ask us to do the work as it comes up. Our hourly rate in this case is £70/hr.

Please contact us to discuss your needs further.