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single-page site ... from £200
5-pages or less ... from £300
maintenance ... £70/hour
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We can create, maintain or renew your web presence, whether it's a public site on the internet, an internal intranet or a private extranet.

Benefit from the years of experience we have obtained developing and maintaining websites: choose from an array of functions, features, and design approaches. Rest easy knowing cross-browser compatibility is built-in, and that clean, fast, industry-standard code is what we do. Our tried-and-tested development process will guide you through all your design decisions and produce a well-rounded site tailored specifically for you.

Server down? Please see our VPS / dedicated server repairs page.

Here's what we really know: websites must change to suit the changing company; thus they must be modular, scalable, and easy to maintain, as well as nice to look at, easy to use, and functional. We believe that understanding this key item not only facilitates a pleasant user experience, but also permits website owners to keep their ongoing costs down. Many website owners don't consider ongoing costs when they first build their website - we've been there, done that, and have a world of experience in making ongoing maintenance simple.

(We could also mention how your website should be convergent with your marketing plan, which should in turn be convergent with your strategic plan - but in our experience although these concepts are in the management textbook, they are not widely deployed in the field. And we don't like to freak out our customers. But in case there is a real business-head reading this - yep, we can help you align your presence with your vision, no problem at all.)

If you're looking for an e-commerce site, we can assist with online stores, and online invoice payment. If you already have an e-commerce site and you need it extended or fixed, we can do this too.

If your site is half-finished, or you already have a designer and just need some back-end coding or database work done - we can assist. We can pick up and run with almost any web-based materials you provide. Supported technologies include PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache, and more.

If your site is online already, and you'd like to maximise its potential, you need our website maintenance, optimisation and promotion service.

There's more. Ours is a Work In Progress. Because we are developers, we regularly roll out new technology. We have stuff nobody else has got - because we make it ourselves! And with the passing of each day, our stuff steadily improves. We're not reliant on the sets of canned scripts or functions that come with popular development packages. You may find your website or back-office environment needs a particular function that's just not available off-the-shelf; no problem - we can build it for you.

And finally. Because we also do webhosting, domainname management and network support, we're able to seamlessly integrate your website with your existing environment. We can provide an end-to-end solution: you won't need your "web guy" and your "IT guy" to have a chat to your "hosting people" about a new feature on the website. Getting these parties to work together can prove difficult. We provide all those services inhouse, so you don't need to worry about co-ordinating them.

Contact us to discuss your needs further.

Rates, fees and charges

For larger projects, we usually create a design specification, and then cost each item. This provides us with a solid development plan, and you with a fixed price. Modifications to the specification, once agreed, are charged at the hourly rate (see below).

For small projects and ad-hoc work, we charge an hourly rate, as follows:

  • Our rate is £70/hour.
  • Our minimum charge is 1 hour.
  • We bill in half-hour intervals - this means, for example, that you won't need to pay for a full hour if you only use 15 minutes.
  • If you request that work should be commenced on the same day you order the work, an Emergency Coding Fee may be charged.

Discounts may be available for larger projects.

* Conditions for the "1 years' free hosting" offer are as follows:

  1. A Copper hosting account will be provided free. If a larger account is required, you will need to pay the difference between the price of the Copper account and the price of the account you need.
  2. Hosting accounts are renewed annually and are a subscription service. This means that when the 1 year's free hosting expires, you will be sent an invoice for the next year. The account is not automatically renewed, however, so if you fail to pay the invoice when your free period ends, your hosting account will expire.
  3. You can cancel your hosting account at any time. There are no cancellation or release fees.
  4. The hosting account will be created when the website is ordered. The 1 year period will start at that time.
  5. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must mention the offer at or before the time you order your website.
  6. This offer is not transferable to another party, and cannot be taken as cash, or in any other form aside from the free hosting account as described above.