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  • Streamline your business with online credit-card processing. Credit-cards are a simple, convenient method of payment that will permit you to collect funds instantly from your customers. Why wait for them to post a cheque when they can just visit your website and pay right there? You won't even need to visit the bank to deposit their payment.

  • Go global with an online store. Reach new markets, find new customers and create new revenue streams! You've got the website, you've got the products - put them together, and you're an online trader.

    Every hosting account we sell includes osCommerce, a fully-fledged online shop, complete with a catalogue, sample images, and credit-card processing. If you're a hosting customer, it's available to install from the "Web Tools" section of your hosting control panel (if you don't host with us, you can still use osCommerce you'll need to install it manually, however).

    Our osCommerce customisation service will let you fully integrate your website with your shop. We can also install addons as you require, or modify or repair an existing shop.

  • Let your customers pay their invoices over the web. Automate the process of collecting payment, give your customers more options, and reduce incidence of deliquent accounts. A page is added to your website which confirms the invoice details, and sends the user to a payment gateway of your choice.

  • Email statements to your customers. Automatically send your customers a monthly account statement - or indeed, any other kind of email you choose. We can create custom software to obtain the necessary data from your existing accounting system, and process it as needed.

  • Upgrade your existing e-commerce site. There's no need to start over, just make it even better! This allows you to preserve your investment in your existing site. We can modify control panels, databases, webpages and scripts as needed. Covering PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache, and more. Please see our website development page for more details.

  • Improve your conversion ratio. Optimising your website lets you get ahead of the competition. Your website needs to be as good as it can be; our website maintenance, optimisation and promotion service can improve your site's ease-of-use, search engine visibility, compatibility, and more.

Our thorough planning process will draw out the details of your plans. And when the talking is done, we'll get right in there and build them for you.

online invoice paymentfrom £199
online storesfrom £299
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit 
card payments instantly.

The following notes apply:

  • Prices do not include bank, gateway or other third-party fees.
  • Online invoice payment requires accessible invoice data. If work must be done to acquire it, this will be charged separately.