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Here's a few of the comments we've received recently. Thank you all, it was a pleasure.

"... I have had nothing but praise about the style / design / content / easy navigation of the site ..." - MB

"Brilliant work Stu, really like it - thank you v much" - GL

"... if Blazingfibre had a sister co. that offered website building and design you would be a rich man!" - C&R

"Thank you for sorting this out, many thanks for all your great help over the years." - NM

"... just wanted to say thank you for all your advice." - AP

"A big thank you to you again Stu for your expertise and time you really saved us today mate." - GL

"Thanks! Really appreciate you taking the time..." - RTR

"Massive improvement thanks. ... Good work my friend." - HT

"Very impressed. Well done Stu" - SL

"Thanks for sorting [this]. Everything went like clockwork :)" - GL

"Cheers Stu. Systems appear normal ... yipeeeeeeee!" - BL

"I really appreciate that you understood us and our situation and you have helped us a lot." - NM

"Thank you so much!!!!!!" - MM

"Great Stu, perfect ... Top job man wicked love it! ;)" - AvS

"Gotta hand it to you Stu the new ... software is very cool and so easy. Brilliant stuff mate" - GL

"Each problem was diagnosed and rectified quickly. We felt that we were in good hands ... This is by far the best IT repair service we have received as well as being the cheapest." - MO

"Thanks again for the tip. Massively helped my day to day runnings." - HT

"Great news Stew, u are the best ;)" - AvS

"Just to let you know that [our customer] was very impressed ... Well done, good job.....more to come" - SL

"Thanks! you're a wizz! ;)" - RTR

"BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLLIANT... when can we get up live." - GL

"It play well ... thanks, great job" - RS

"Thanks Stu, you're a star!" - HT

"Top job, both laptops are as new :) ... thanks again!" - AvS

"Great stuff Stu! Well done" - SM

"Thanks for all of your help over the years." - KH

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