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Password strategies

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A weak password provides little protection against malicious attack. Sensible password management can reduce this risk. Passwords should be:

  • 10 characters or longer
  • a mix of upper and lower case
  • a mix of alphabetical, numeric and punctuation symbols
  • not someone's name (including your own name, your children's names, your siblings' names, your parents' names, or your pet's name)
  • not your birthdate or wedding anniversary
  • not your telephone number or email address
  • not your home or business address, or any part of it
  • not your favourite food, drink, pop star, movie etc
  • not a series of consecutive numbers, or any kind of obvious number combination
  • not a word in a dictionary
  • not used on another service
  • not written down (except perhaps in a secure location)
  • not easily guessable
  • not easily forgettable
  • changed every so often

Tricky passwords can be remembered by breaking them up into groups of characters, or making a sentence out of it, with each letter being the first letter of the word. For example: a password of TCITHSOTM is simple to remember - that's The Cat In The Hat Sat On The Mat, of course!