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How to map a drive letter in Windows 2000/XP

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  1. open My Computer
  2. in the left panel, right-click My Network Places and select Map Network Drive...
  3. select a drive letter from the Drive dropdown
  4. click the Browse button
  5. double-click Computers Near Me
  6. if you cannot immediately see the name of the computer containing the data you wish to access, expand 'Entire Network' until you find it
  7. double-click the name of the computer containing the data you wish to access
  8. from the list of resources which appears, click the resource you wish to access
  9. click OK
  10. if you wish to continue to use the mapping in the future (and not simply for this session) then check the box [ ] reconnect at logon
  11. click Finish

The resource will then be mapped to the drive letter you specified.

To access data on the resource, simply open the drive letter using Windows Explorer (a new drive will be listed with A:, C: etc). The File.. Open.. dialog boxes in all of your applications will also list the new drive letter.