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Web hosting Quick Start guide

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Warning: this is a complex process, and the steps noted below are a guide only.

Situation: you've purchased a hosting account and want to start using it ASAP. You are NOT migrating an existing site (see migrating an existing site if you want to do this).


  1. If required, change your nameservers.

    Note: each change takes up to 48 hours to take effect, so don't make a mistake here! Your welcome letter (sent when you purchased your hosting account) will detail whether you need to complete this step. Please contact us if you have mislaid this letter.

  2. Create email accounts, and configure your client email software.

    Note (regular hosting accounts only): if your hosting account includes spam and virus protection, you should use the hosted SMTP server.

    Note: email accounts can take up to 30 minutes to become active.

  3. Using FTP, upload your website.

If you needed to change your nameservers, you will need to wait until that change takes effect before your email and website starts working. You can create mailboxes and upload your site during this time, but they will not work until the nameserver change has propagated.

If a nameserver change was not required, you will be able to see the website you uploaded immediately. Your email accounts may take up to 30 minutes to become active, however.

Please see the webhosting usage notes for additional detail on sending and receiving mail, using FTP, and more.

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