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How to use FTPS (FTP-over-SSL/TLS)

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FTPS provides encrypted communication between FTP clients and FTP servers, including encryption of the FTP username and password. FTPS uses SSL/TLS to provide the cryptographic functionality; in this way it is similar to HTTPS, which uses SSL/TLS to provide the cryptographic functionality for HTTP (web) traffic on banking sites, etc.

FTPS is enabled on all accounts by default. All you need to do to use it is enable it - you do this with the settings used to configure your FTP connection. These settings are found in your FTP client.

Due to the wide variety of FTP clients, it's not feasible to give step-by-step instructions for each. We use and recommend Total Commander for FTP. Instructions for enabling FTPS for a given connection, using Total Commander, are as follows:

  1. Open Total Commander
  2. click Net.. FTP Connect..
  3. click the connection upon which you'd like to enable FTPS
  4. tick the box [ ] SSL/TLS
  5. click OK
  6. to connect now, click Connect, otherwise click Cancel to dismiss the Connection window

Note: Total Commander version 7.0 or higher is required to see and use the SSL/TLS option.

If your FTP client requires OpenSSL libraries, those can be downloaded at OpenSSL.org.

For more information on using FTP, including a link to the Total Commander homepage, please see our FTP FAQ.