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How to add a website to a multisite hosting account

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To add a website to a multisite hosting account, follows the steps below:

  1. Login to your multisite hosting account with FTP

  2. Using your FTP software, create the directory to contain the website

    This directory must be one level ABOVE the /htdocs/ directory. When you first login with FTP, you are in your "home directory" which contains several directories, one of which is the /htdocs/ directory. Create a directory to hold your new site in your home directory (the directory you're in when you first login with FTP), NOT in the /htdocs/ directory. For example, to host a website for the domainname sillycaptions.com, create a directory in your home directory to contain it, such as sillycaptions. The path to this directory will then become /sillycaptions/

    Note that you can name the directory anything you like, however we advise using meaningful names, to make it easy to distinguish them, when you're connecting with FTP. If you use something like website1, website2 etc, later, you might accidentally upload content to the wrong directory, with possibly disastrous results!

    Ensure you create the directory to hold the site before you move onto the next steps. If you do not create the directory first, the site you add will be served from the /htdocs/ directory.

  3. Connect to the control panel of your multisite hosting account and from the tabs across the top, click Domain Control

  4. Click Add Domain

  5. In the Domainname box, enter the domainname of the site you're going to host, for example, sillycaptions.com (do not include the "www")

  6. In the Directory box, enter the directory created in step 2, for example, /sillycaptions/

    Ensure to enter the forward-slashes before and after the directory name.

  7. Check the details, then click the Next Step button

    The domainname will then be installed. This may take up to 24 hours to complete (you can continue with the steps below, however). During this time, nameserver records for the domainname you specified will be added to your account.

  8. Using your FTP software, upload the website to the directory created in step 2, for example, to the /sillycaptions/ directory

  9. Using your domainname registrar's control panel, change the nameservers of the domainname you wish to host to ns1.blazingfibre.net and ns2.blazingfibre.net

    For example, to host the sillycaptions website, connect to the domainname registrar's control panel for sillycaptions.com, and change the nameservers for sillycaptions.com to those above. Note that nameserver changes can take up to 48 hours to complete.

  10. Create email accounts

    This is done using the Email Control screen. Ensure to select the correct domainname!

Once your nameserver change propagates, the website you uploaded with FTP will appear, and mail will be delivered to the mailboxes you created.

Please see our multisite hosting FAQ for more information on our multisite hosting accounts.