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Below are a selection of programs we've written - mainly utilities for data analysis, conversion, and reporting. Customisations are available by request.

All programs are supplied conditional to our license. Please contact us for volume licensing.

  CSV2CSV - CSV conversion tool

CSV2CSV reformats CSV files, and in the process, allows for various modifications. Columns from a source CSV can be copied verbatim, or merged together, or re-ordered; columns can also be deleted, new columns can be added, and static data can be appended and prepended to existing columns.

  CSV2file - CSV templating tool

CSV2file generates a series of files from a template, an INI file, and a Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) file. One file per row in the CSV file is generated. The template determines what each file contains. The CSV data is inserted in each file at the points specified by the template. The software can generate text files of any format, including HTML, XML, Javascript, and PHP - it simply parses whatever is in the template. CSV2file can also substitute values in the template for static strings.

  CSV2HTML - CSV reporting and analysis tool

CSV2HTML is a database tabulator, amalgamator and ranking tool. It can read any Comma-Separated-Value-formatted file and turn it into a webpage. It can either simply parse the CSV data into a table, or it can sum the frequency of occurence of different CSV data items in a particular column. This frequency count can be used to make "most-popular" reports. Attractive charts can be included alongside the data to give added impact and meaning.

  esniff - email address extraction tool

esniff is a tool designed to extract email addresses from text files of any format (or no format at all). esniff writes the extracted list to a text file, ready for use with mail-merging tools. esniff removes duplicates and alphabetacises the outbound address listing.

  parselog - webserver logfile analyser

parselog converts a webserver logfile into Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. The contents of the logfile can then be loaded into a number of database and spreadsheet applications for additional analysis. Includes extensive filtering. Also outputs statistics.

  SMTPerr - bounce message processor

SMTPerr is a tool designed to extract error messages from "bounces" - the emails received from "Mailer Daemon" and so on, after a mailout. If your mailing list is large, you may get several hundred - or more - bounces each time you send a newsletter. Processing these manually is a challenge. SMTPerr reads the bounces and summarises each error in a single file. This file can then be viewed and changes made to the source mailing list accordingly.

  XGP - secure data shipment

XGP sends and receives encrypted data via regular internet email. Its intended usage is to replicate data. It can send or receive a whole directory (and all its subdirectories) at once. It uses GNUPG, the successor to PGP, as its cryptographic engine, to provide the maximum amount of data protection possible. XGP has been designed for automated, unattended operation. It is perfect for securely duplicating a large quantity of data, every night, over the internet.