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Dataease 5.x - FreeBSD/Linux servers; internet connectivity; third-party tools

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Migrating Dataease to a FreeBSD/Linux server

Yes, is the simple answer, it is possible to host Dataease 5.x on a FreeBSD or Linux server - and we know how. You can save big money on your Dataease server by using an open-source operating system. We can migrate your existing Windows or NetWare-based server to a new or existing FreeBSD or Linux server.

Dataease/internet connectivity

If you're still running your old, faithful Dataease for DOS 5.x database, you've probably wished at some stage you could connect it to the internet. Wouldn't it be great to get data into the database from the net? How about upload data to the net from the database? Not only is it possible, but we can do it. And we can slice and dice that data first, if you like.

Once the data has been exported from Dataease, it can be used in any way you wish. For example, with your Dataease data and our software, you can:

  • publish reports to a webserver (this might be used to build an extranet, or to allow your customers to pay their invoices online)
  • generate customised emails - including invoices and statements
  • send text messages (SMS)
  • send the data to another location

Integrate Dataease with third-party tools

Using exported data, it's also possible to:

  • convert the data into a different format
  • import the data into other databases
  • process the data further with other tools

All of the above processes can be largely automated, and run daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand. Our techniques permit us to integrate these processes with Dataease, so that you can wring some more value from your database.

Note: we don't connect Dataease directly to the internet - this would be opening a large can of security-related worms, for starters. Instead we use our inhouse gateway software, and the import and export routines built into Dataease itself. This means your customers won't be able to do live database queries over the net. Rather, our approach is suited for the processing of a large number of records in a batch.

Convert Dataease data to SQL

If the time has come to retire your venerable, yet ancient DE application, this is possible. We can extract, transform and load your Dataease data into an SQL database of your choice. You can specify exactly which data to extract, how it should be migrated, and where to save it. We can extract individual tables and their schemas, the data itself, and stored procedures.

We can also, optionally, create a webapp to replace the Dataease app you're retiring.

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