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Logfile analysis

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Everyone has logfiles, those big, difficult and growing files filled with computer-speak. But that computer-speak is in fact a record of a particular transaction that occured inside the computer, and if that computer is working on your business data at the time, then you have a record of what your business is actually doing.

The problem is, that logfile doesn't present the information very clearly. In fact, it's just more data, a simplified copy of the transaction itself. It needs to be counted, sorted, compared - analysed - before it can become information that is easy to use.

The information retrieved can be very useful, as it draws a picture of behaviour over time. For example:

  • identify assets or products of outstanding value (or lack of it!)
  • identify customers with special needs, such as discount plans, or complementary products or services
  • identify employees meriting promotion or training
  • audit Service Level Agreements
  • audit sales targets and forecasts and other key performance indicators

We have developed a specialised webserver logfile analysis service.

Wherever there is a transaction, there can be a log.. and where there can be a log, there can be a graph. Your data could become a small website that you can use to easily view your information. Creating HTML-based reports also makes it easy to share them with others - they drop right into existing intranets and websites.

The actual statistics that can be extracted from a given set of data depend on what that data actually is. As a rule, the more data, the better. Custom graphs can be generated, dependent only upon the data available.

We develop analysis tools at our standard rates for software development. Contact us to discuss your needs further.