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Privacy statement

Q: Why is information collected?
A: To improve this website, and the business it supports.

Q: From where is information collected?
A: Information is collected from webserver logfiles, feedback forms, and email.

Q: What information is collected?
A: From the webserver logfiles, for each click, the date and time, remote host or IP address, requested URL (page clicked on), referring URL (page clicked from), and useragent (what software in use) is collected. From the other sources mentioned, we collect whatever you provide.

Q: What is done with the information?
A: It is downloaded and analysed. Customer-specific information stored on our webserver is password-protected. No customer-specific information is shared with any third parties. Non-customer-specific, aggregated data (such as the answer to 'How many people use our extranet?') may be shared with third parties (such as sponsors), or indeed published on the internet. Blazingfibre may occasionally contact you using an email address you provide.

Note: While we strive to maintain the security of our service, please be aware that information you send or receive may be intercepted by unauthorised third parties.

Q: Where can I find out more?
A: If you have any questions about this statement, please contact