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PC tune-and-lube service

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If your PCs are running slowly, crashing inexplicably or generally misbehaving, they could probably use our tune-and-lube service.

We'll give your PCs a good going over - they usually run faster, hold more data, crash less frequently, and are more secure afterwards.

We check for and correct a multitude of possible system faults and glitches:

  • operating system patches
  • startup configuration
  • malware signatures
  • temporary files
  • unused programs and devices
  • file system integrity and fragmentation

Cost/Benefit Analysis: You're paying your staff to sit and wait for their equipment. If you have 6 staff waiting for their computers for an average of 10 minutes/day each (in total), on an average salary of £20/hr, that's £20/day or £4800/year spent paying your staff to watch their computer screens. Our invoice is likely to be much less than that, and so the work will pay for itself within a few months. Focusing on key staff will accelerate the return.

Please call to arrange a time.

Rates, fees and charges

  • Our rate is £70/hour.
  • Our minimum charge is 1 hour.
  • We bill in half-hour intervals - this means, for example, that you won't need to pay for a full hour if you only use 15 minutes.
  • We do not charge call-out fees, unless you request same-day service.
  • The after-hours rate is applicable outside the hours of 09:00 to 18:00 GMT, or on weekends or public holidays.
  • Support provided remotely is charged at the same hourly rate as work provided onsite.
  • If you request that work should be commenced on the same day you order the work, an Emergency Call-out Fee may be charged.

Discounts may be available for larger projects.