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Network servers for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows-based networks

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Networking lets you share your data and devices between computers, and provide each of them with internet and remote access. Plus, you can centralise the management of backups, security and other administrative tasks.

We can install and configure the latest servers and server operating systems, either Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu), FreeBSD or Windows, your choice. We recommend FreeBSD, however, as it is much more powerful, reliable, secure and flexible than Windows. It's also free, open-source, and runs some of the biggest websites in the world, including www.yahoo.com. Our servers are highly configurable, and can cope with demanding loads from a variety of sources, including file and print sharing, databases, email, FTP, and more!

Were you looking for repairs or maintenance on an existing server, rather than to buy new? Please see our server repairs page, if so.

Boost the productivity of your staff with a modern, reliable server and fast networking equipment. Sometimes just a few small changes can relieve big bottlenecks. We can advise you on the optimal hardware for your company and environment, and work with you to have it ordered and delivered correctly. We'll then build the machine, install the operating system and configure the server to suit your firm. You can specify which brand of hardware to use, and where to buy it. We recommend IBM, however, as they are the battleships of the server world, and have never let us down.

Best of all, we'll give you a free survey and quote, and a fixed price on the install.

Cost/Benefit Analysis: You're paying your staff to sit and wait for their equipment. Say you spent £3000 on networking (including hardware) and you had 10 staff. If, following an upgrade, each staff member saved 10 minutes a day and their average wage was £20/hour, £33.33 would be saved per day, and the equipment would have paid for itself in just 3 months.

server software - install and configure - CentOS or FreeBSDfrom £399
server software - install and configure - Windows Server£call
server software and hardware - install and configure - CentOS or FreeBSDfrom £899
server software and hardware - install and configure - Windows Server£call

The following notes apply:

  • Pricing is for installation and configuration only - it does not include server software or hardware (CentOS and FreeBSD cost nothing, however).
  • Software installation and configuration covers the operating system only - in particular, it does not cover email, web or database server software, or any software you provide.
  • Additional requirements can be included in the price, if they are specified prior to our quotation being provided; if not, then the work will be charged at our standard hourly rates.
  • The server must be located on your premises, inside your firewall, and connected to your network.
  • Some of the work may be completed remotely.
  • Linux and FreeBSD servers impose no limit on the number of users able to connect. However, hardware or bandwidth restrictions may impose a practical limit. Windows servers are limited by the number of users the server is licensed for, in addition to hardware and bandwidth limitations.

Contact us to discuss your needs further.