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 monitoring madness! 

• first 3 logfiles - just £100/year!
• 3 extra logfiles - only £50/year!
• reporting available

Remote monitoring

This service allows you to get on with your business; at the same time, it also allows you to keep an close eye on your information systems.

In essence, when an IT system is running, numerous logfiles are generated. Analysing them for management and marketing purposes is great - but what about errors? On more than one occasion we have repaired servers that were carefully documenting their impending demise; unfortunately nobody was reading, and there was trouble. Equally unfortunate are those sysadmins who spend hours of their time scrolling through logfiles, looking for errors that might be there, but almost certainly are not.

Enter our monitoring service. Our software tirelessly scans whatever logfiles it's provided with, looking specifically for errors. If any errors are detected, they are flagged, along with any other errors on any other systems also being monitored, on an internal network status page which is currently updated daily. The system even notices if a logfile fails to update. You can send it 200 logfiles a day and it will check every line of every file, allowing you to vastly expand your logging capability with negligible impact upon resources. Unless you've got automated fault detection already, this service is a must-have.

How it works: once a day, usually around 6AM, monitored systems compress, encrypt and send their logfiles, over the internet, to us. Just before 8AM our system processes all the logfiles in its queues; if there's a problem our staff can be on the phone to you as the working day begins.

The advantages of one computer monitoring another are extensive. A human operator cannot match the accuracy, flexibility and timeliness of an automated system.

  1. Comprehensive: a computer can check hundreds of logfiles each day.
  2. Automatic: a computer does not need to be reminded and always has time.
  3. Daily: a computer has the time to check every logfile every day.
  4. Alerts: as soon as a fault is detected, the monitoring system generates very obvious warning messages. Also, unimportant faults are filtered out. This allows technical staff to focus on critical issues, to which they are alerted automatically, almost immediately.
  5. Logging: an audit trail is generated which can be referred to later.

Customised solutions for event and anomaly detection are also available.


  • A setup fee of £100 applies. This covers our visit to install our software, which will send your logfiles to us for processing. The software is free.
  • The logfiles must be available somewhere on your network. Extra charges will apply if work must be done to obtain them.
  • Monitored machines must be able to connect to the internet via SMTP or FTP.

Call us to increase the resilience of your IT, and give yourself some extra peace of mind.