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email filtering

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This solution allows you to cleanse your inbox of almost all spam and viruses. It consists of an anti-spam application, Spampal, which is then especially reconfigured by us to also provide generic anti-virus filtering, as well as spam filtering.

What is generic anti-virus filtering? That's where your inbox is filtered for signatures used by almost all viruses. It's similar to traditional anti-virus scanner technology, which also uses signatures, however those signatures are virus-specific. The signatures in use with our service are generic, in that they will catch almost ALL email-borne viruses.

Generic filtering is important, as traditional antivirus software relies upon "signatures", which must be constantly updated, in order to detect the latest viruses. If you receive the latest virus before your signatures have been updated to detect it, traditional antivirus software will not detect the virus. There is thus a window of opportunity within which viruses can attack. Generic filtering does not use virus-specific signatures and consequently, can detect most viruses as soon as they are released, closing the window of opportunity, and strengthening your resistance to attack.

What's the catch? The catch is that with the generic anti-virus signatures enabled, people will need to send you certain types of files (EXE and ZIP files) in some other form. The generic signatures block all EXEs and ZIPs. If this will pose a problem, call us to discuss - various workarounds can be implemented with a minimum of difficulty.

Unlike some services provided by ISPs, this filtering service leaves you in control of the filtered mail. You're still free to browse the spam (and the viruses), in case something was mistakenly filtered there.

The service can provide filtering for an entire LAN of computers (Windows, Mac or unix). The software does not need a dedicated machine, however this configuration is recommended, as filtering can be CPU-intensive, particularly if you get a lot of spam, or if you are filtering for a whole LAN. Spampal can be installed on an old machine you have lying around the office.


  • client machines must be using POP3 to download their mail
  • client email software must be able to filter incoming mail for spam and/or virus identifiers inserted by Spampal
  • the filtering server should be 333MHz/128Mb or above

Call us if your inbox is choked. It's not nice, we've been there, and we can fix.