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5 good reasons to be a Blazingfibre customer

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We've been around long enough to know that you get what you pay for, and IT services are no exception. Cheap doesn't just mean low price, it also means low quality. Nobody wants low-quality IT, sure a low price is attractive, but it's a gamble. Maybe if the stakes were lower you might take that gamble, but most businesses depend on their IT. Do you want to bet your business, to save a few pounds?

  1. Quality support. You have Stuart's mobile phone number - it's at the top-right on every page of this website, in large white letters! Blazingfibre is not a massive corporate. This means Stuart will recognise your phone number when you call and will remember your business, and the conversations you've had with him previously. There is not usually a queue of people waiting for support. Stuart is very knowledgeable and approachable. There is also comprehensive online help.

  2. Quality technology. Our servers are located in the London Internet Exchange and are consequently very fast. They run unix and consequently are also very reliable and secure. We have had no significant outage since 2005, which is when we first acquired these servers. All our hosting accounts use industry-standard components such as PHP and MySQL. Even if you're not a hosting customer, you'll benefit from these and the other unix servers we run - their stability means our business can be nice and stable too. Learn more about our hosting accounts

  3. Integration. We can create a customised package of services, tailored to suit your business. As we offer onsite support, software development, and website development services, amongst others, in addition to web hosting and domainname management, we can manage each piece of your IT, and ensure it works properly with each of your other pieces. See our range of services

  4. Reward schemes. We pay credits to customers who pay us electronically, or who pay early. These credits can be used to later claim a discount. They roll over from month-to-month and never expire. This means our customers can build up a large balance, and then use that to offset a large purchase. Credits are also earned when you refer a customer to us. Learn more about our credits scheme

  5. Flexible payment options. We offer the option of payment by credit-card, cheque, EFT, Paypal, cash, and others (with prior arrangement). To approved customers, 30-day terms are available.

To learn more, see the about Blazingfibre page. The testimonials page may also be of interest to you.