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Whitebox program

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This facility is designed for businesses, particularly media and design agencies, wanting to provide website development services to their customers with a minimum of investment.

You find the customers and ascertain their requirements. We build the site to those requirements and deliver it to you. You can integrate our work with your own products and services, and offer website development as if your own business provided the service.

Our whitebox program, named because we provide the site in an unbranded state (in a "white box"), lets you expand your range of offerings without having to invest in programmers and programming tools, without having to provide a desk or office, and with no training or other employment-related expenses.

We never contact your customer, and you are free to resell the site for whatever price you are able to agree. We simply bill you our low prices and you get on with business. We can work with your existing designers and developers, or, if required, provide our own.

Best of all the whitebox program is free! We make our money when you sell a site. So you don't need to sign up - just go find some customers! When you are approaching a sale and need more information (for example, technical feasibility, approximate pricing and timescales) contact us and mention you're whiteboxing the site for your customer. We'll then ensure to deal only with you. We'll charge you our standard low rates and send our invoices to you - you then add your profit margin on top and invoice your customer.

We're also happy to provide a "fine-tuning" service for developers who are more artists than programmers. Got your client's site looking great in Dreamweaver and IE, but it looks terrible in Firefox? Made the site but unsure how to add forms, or other special touches? No problem. Contact us.