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Banner and popup code

Due to the simplicity of our referral program, adding our banner to your website is easy. Simply paste the following code whereever you want:

<!-- begin banner -->
<a href="http://www.blazingfibre.net/hosting.htm">
 <img src="http://www.blazingfibre.net/images/bf_bannerad01.gif" alt= ' click for more info '>
<!-- end banner -->

To place the popup on your site, use this code:

 newWindow = window.open('http://www.blazingfibre.net/mkt/popup.htm','','resizable,scrollbars,width=485,height=295');

To use a text link, try this code:

<a href="http://www.blazingfibre.net/">
 http://www.blazingfibre.net/ - FAST European webhosting!
You're free to modify the code to suit your site.

If you'd simply like to link to our pages, use this URL:


As the banner is hosted on our server, you don't need to download any images, you simply need to paste the HTML. This approach also lets us update the banner for you, so your site never displays an old ad! The same is true with our popups.

Currently, we only have one banner and one popup to choose from - the one featured at the top of this page. With time however, we'll make more, and post the details here, and to our Resellers' mailing list.