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Locating website usage information (webstats)

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If you have a hosting account with us, you can use the information below to access your webstats.

Note that webstats are NOT enabled by default. To enable webstats on your domain:

  1. login to the website control panel
  2. click Web Statistics
  3. click Add
  4. select the correct domainname from the dropdown
  5. click Next Step
  6. click OK

Most reports are available from your control panel. Enter the username and password supplied with your hosting account. This information was provided in a "welcome aboard" email sent to you at the time you purchased your hosting account. If you cannot find it, contact us.

Once you're logged into the control panel, on the first screen that appears, simply click Web Statistics (it's in the menubar across the top).

You can also access the raw server logfile via FTP. Use the username and password supplied with your hosting account. The address is ftp://ftp.yourdomainname.com/logs/ - if this directory is empty, please contact us and request that a raw logfile for your domain be enabled. There is no fee to pay. The raw logs are disabled by default so as to improve the performance of the server.

Statistics are retained on the server for a period of 9 months. Raw logfiles are rotated weekly.

If you would like more detail, custom reports, and multi-year timespans, check out our webstats service.